The Truth about Teeth- by Dr. Keith Grote

We Provide Gentle Care with a Personal Touch


      Thank you for visiting our website. We believe in a comprehensive, personal, and wellness-focused approach to dentistry. Our soothing atmosphere and positive attitude foster good health (No finger-wagging or scolding). If you want to know have healthy teeth and an attractive smile, you found the right place.

    We know that people want their teeth to work well and last a long time without costly, time-consuming dental treatment. If you are committed to understanding your personal dental condition, we can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime with a minimum of dental care. 

Patient Care Philosophy

We strive every day to provide excellent dental care in a comfortable environment. We want to help guide our patients along a path to optimal health and wellness for life.

We promise:

   1. To do our best to treat everyone with genuine compassion, care, and consideration.

   2. To explain in understandable terms the health of your mouth and how to attain a lifetime of optimal oral health.

Our Motto: "We listen, we care, we explain."

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